APPEARANCE:   Most will agree that this is one of the best looking sailboats ever built.  It is a show stopper.  Under sail or power, or when you pull into an anchorage, the boat will be the center of attention.  Most boats, with their conventional styling, come and go virtually unnoticed.   There is a saying in the aircraft industry that good looks is good aerodynamics.  A vehicle that looks fast probably is.  If the designer had the sense to design a great looking yacht, he probably had the sense to build one that will perform well.  Sailing is an aesthetic endeavor as much as anything else.  You are only here once, so don't settle for a bland, ugly or boring boat.

Whenever we sail this thing, under full sail, in the ocean or in a harbor, we get a lot of marine traffic stopping attention. Every camera on every boat is pointed at us, and the shouts of "beautiful boat" are heard from every boat we pass. It attracts more attention than any boat that I have ever seen.

On a recent day, I was working on the boat at my dock. A 70' unbelievably gorgeous power boat came to a stop directly behind me, and the skipper called down from his 3 story high perch "...that is the most beautiful sailboat that I have ever seen." One of our yacht club officers told me that the boat should not be in the water, it should be in a beautiful boat museum. That sort of thing can cheer you up.