COCKPIT: Modern sailboat designers have forgotten that the crew, skipper and guests need somewhere comfortable to sit.  Many cockpits have degenerated to the point where they are nothing more than footwells surrounded by flat decks, totally unlike the deep, comfortable cockpits of the past.  Anthem's cockpit is deep and luxurious, with seats and backrests that really fit the passengers.  Cockpit seat cushions are very thick, soft and comfortable.  

Many of the new cruising boats have their cockpits located amidship, right in the path of large doses of spray when the boat is sailing to weather.  Anthem has its cockpit near the stern, where spray is minimized, and where the helmsman can keep an eye on the entire rig and boat without putting a crick in his neck.  The cockpit seats are high enough that you can easily see over the cabin top, and long enough to sleep on.  With a bimini in place, this is a really great spot.

There is also a removable bimini sunshade that covers most of the cockpit.



The steering and instrument pedestal has an unusual feature. The top portion can be tipped about 30 degrees forward, to make the instrument screens visible while the skipper is standing. Without this feature, the person steering the boat has to keep bending over and twisting around to see the screens.