Anthem is maintained in the water at Newport Beach, California.  Most of the 65's that we have built have been launched at Newport Beach, California, near where our plant Is located, and sailed to their home ports throughout the world.

Here are some pictures showing our new boat headed for the water. This is what it looked like before being lifted on the crane and having its keel and rudder installed.


This is the crew that put the finishing touches on the boat.


And here I am celebrating all the good stuff.


On the way to the beach, there were obstacles. Clearance? 2 inches.


Making the last big turn without stopping traffic into the next county.


Into the shipyard.


Hanging from the travel lift on the way to the water.


Up goes the main mast.


Here is one of our 65's on its way to an overseas customer. We shipped a lot of these things overseas. Many were sailed to their new home ports on other continents.