The recently installed, low time Yanmar 265 h.p. turbo-diesel will drive the boat at 18 mph, really fast for a sailboat.  

Even at high speeds, the engine burns very little fuel.   Most powerboats burn up so much fuel that they are totally impractical to operate for long distances.  For fuel economy, builders are turning to the long, narrow powerboats of days past.  Unfortunately, narrow, shallow draft boats roll so badly that they are almost uninhabitable.  ANTHEM's keel limits this unmerciful rolling. It well may be one of the most efficient and comfortable oceangoing powerboats available.  The combination of mainsail and engine will yield phenomenal speed, with virtually no rolling.  Going to weather under power in heavy seas, the ANTHEM will outrun many of the best oceangoing powerboats, because the powerboats have to throttle back to avoid slamming themselves to pieces.  

Unlike a power boat, if the engine quits, you can still get home.

ANTHEM has a 24' feathering Maxi prop, one of the best performing props on the market.  Unlike folding props, which provide equally low drag, the feathering prop provides full power in reverse. 

The propeller is near the rudder, and the prop wash across the rudder provides excellent control at low speed. 

Anthem also has outstanding control when backing, which is rare for most sailboats.