Water ballast

Anthem has a unique water ballast system that greatly reduces healing and increases upwind speed.

There is a long ballast tank on each side of the boat, each holding 4000 of seawater ballast. Normally, when sailing, the tanks are empty.

When the boat is sailing upwind, the windward tank can be filled. This has about the same effect as placing 30 adults on the windward rail. (Actually, the water is more effective than crew weight. The crew, higher in the boat, moves to the center of the boat the more it heels. The water ballast is located in the fat bulge of the hull, and ends up further outboard with increased heeling.

Water has a number of other advantages over crew weight. Less food is consumed, and water can be dumped at the windward mark to lighten the boat for the dowwind leg. Its not good to throw the crew overboard to lighten the boat for downwind sailing.

Just before tacking, the water is gravity transfered to the lee side. It takes about 12 seconds. There is a 12" diameter tube between the tank, with a big gate valve. When all the water drains to leeward, the gate valve is closed. The boat then tacks, with the water now trapped on the new windward side.

The ballast makes the boat more comfortable when sailing upwind, and ads about 2 1/2 mph to the boat's speed.